Company Profile

Western Air Systems Certification’s Mission Statement

To provide accurate HERS information, training, technical field and administrative support for our HVAC Customers.

Western Certification provides the right test for each application and does so accurately, extremely cost competitive, and in a timely manner.

Western’s founder Ralph Coleman, is a former HVAC industry professional with over 35 years experience.

Our staff includes a former HVAC Service Manager, seven dedicated HERS Raters, one with over 4,00 certifications, two Office Administrators, and two BPI Certified Analysts.

Western Certification is fully insured, for both our protection, and your protection. In addition to general liability, and vehicle insurance, we hold a policy dedicated to Error and Omissions, usually carried by law firms.

Vehicles and field staff are easily identified, and all are equipped with state of the art testing and communication technology. Visit

Nothing is complete until the paperwork is completed; and this is where Western Certification excels.

You choose to have us manage all your forms from the CF1Rs to secure your permit, and all required CF2R forms.
Western then completes all required CF3R forms and emails them to you (or your customer) in an easy to print .pdf format.

Document processing is handled by our administrative staff with electronic communication to you culminating in a “worry-free” process for you.
We are able to provide references from both large a small HVAC companies who look to us for these professional services.

We look forward to serving you soon!