Compliance Forms

[table caption=”Appendix A – Compilance Forms” width=”800″ colwidth=”20|75|200″ colalign=”left|left|center|left”]
Doc Type,Doc Category,Category Description,Document Description
CF1R-,ALT-03-E,Alterations – HVAC, HVAC Alterations Climate Zones 2 and 8-15 (Duct Leakage Airflow and Fan Watt Draw Refrigerant Charge) (Prescriptive)
CF2R-,MCH-20a-H,Mechanical -HERS, Duct Leakage Measurement – New System
CF2R-,MCH-20c-H,Mechanical -HERS, Duct Leakage Measurement – Low Leakage Air Handling Units
CF2R-,MCH-20d-H,Mechanical -HERS, Duct Leakage Measurement – Altered (Existing) System
CF2R-,MCH-21-H,Mechanical -HERS, Duct Location Verification; Verification of Ducts (located entirely in directly conditioned space); (from 2008 MECH 29) less than 12 ft ducts in cond space
CF2R-,MCH-22-H,Mechanical -HERS, Forced Air System Fan Efficacy (Watt/cfm)
CF2R-,MCH-23-H,Mechanical -HERS, Forced Air System Airflow Rate (cfm/ton)
CF2R-,MCH-25a-H,Mechanical -HERS, Refrigerant Charge Verification – superheat method (Standard Charge Procedure)
CF2R-,MCH-25b-H,Mechanical -HERS, Refrigerant Charge Verification – Subcooling (Standard Charge Procedure)
CF2R-,MCH-25c-H,Mechanical -HERS, Refrigerant Charge Verification – Weigh-in Procedure
CF2R-,MCH-25f-H,Mechanical -HERS, Refrigerant Charge Verification – Winter Setup for Standard Charge Verification
CF2R-,MCH-25g-H,Mechanical -HERS, Refrigerant Charge Verification – Packaged Systems Manufacturer Refrigerant Charge Certification
CF2R-,MCH-26-H,Mechanical -HERS, Verified EER or SEER