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The Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS) Program tests and rates the Energy Performance of a Home.

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HERS is the California Energy Commission's Program that addresses construction defects, problems in insulation, and poor-quality equipment installation for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems in your home.


The Energy Commission has a list of approved HERS providers who train and certify raters. Western Air Systems Certification, Inc. is a certified HERS Rating Company. We provide you the whole range of services, because we are certified in all aspects of the HERS Program by two providers:


The HERS program exists because studies show that the heating and air-conditioning ducts in the average home leak 30 percent of the conditioned air in the system, costing you money and damaging the environment. Incorrectly installed insulation does not provide the resistance to heat flow your equipment is supposed to provide.


The Energy Commission requires licensed contractors to seal and test the ducts of a home when an HVAC system is installed or replaced. After a licensed contractor seals the ducts, you need a HERS rater to verify the leakage amount of the duct system.

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Western Air Systes Certification works with Homeowners, HVAC Contractors, and Home Builders to provide the Correct and Accurate HERS Testing for your project.

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