HERS Document

Here are some forms that you can download to use.


CF-1R ALT – Prescriptive Certificate of Compliance: Residential Alterations

CF-6R-MECH-Rev04 – Space Conditioning Systems-Rev04

CF-6R-MECH-20-HERS – Duct Leakage Test – Completely New or Replacement Duct System

CF-6R-MECH-21-HERS – Duct Leakage Test – Existing Duct System

CF-6R-MECH-22-HERS – HSPP-PSPP Installation Cooling Coil Airflow & Fan Watt Draw Test

CF-6R-MECH-23-HERS – Verification of High EER Equipment

CF-6R-MECH-24-HERS – – Charge Indicator Display (CID)

CF-6R-MECH-25-HERS – Refrigerant Charge Verification – Standard Measurement Procedure

CF-6R-MECH-26-HERS – Refrigerant Charge Verification – Alternate Measurement Procedure

CF-6R-MECH-27-HERS – Maximum Rated Total Cooling Capacity

CF-6R-MECH-28-HERS – Low Leakage Air Handler Verification.pdf

CF-6R-MECH-29-HERS – Supply Duct Compliance Credits – Location Surface Area R-value

Information Worksheet – Use this worksheet to fill out the pertinent information about your job site