PG&E Rebate Programs

Now, Announcing a new and exciting addition to our company’s certifications, serving both our HVAC and builder customers – the Home Energy Rebate Programs offered by our local utilities.

Western Air Systems Certification is now a certified BPI Gold Contractor.

With two BPI certified Analysts, plus an additional Building Analyst Administrator we can meet your rating and modeling needs for both the PG&E and the SMUD HHP rebate programs.

As I started this process, I met with and discussed these programs with many of our customers. And have determined some or all of the following issues were present:

ü Poor communication – often start to finish.

ü Lack of understanding of the specific home performance program(s).

ü Often inaccurate (and incomplete) Test-in and Test-out results.

ü Inaccurate performance modeling.

ü Inaccurate or incomplete rebate communications to the homeowner.

During our analysis we determined that many “lone wolf” analysts/raters just can’t provide the levels of timely and accurate responses to meet these needs.

If you realize that currently you also have a concern in one or more of the areas, please give us a call and we will demonstrate how Western Certification using our in-house project monitoring system, large administrative staff, well trained and experienced BPI Building Analysts will support and improve your Home Performance Program.

If not and you would like to receive our introduction packet and current Home Performance Program pricing schedule, send us an email to:

Or give me a call at: 916.624.2171

And if you are not already using Western as your Title 24 HERS rating company, you should check this out as well. Send us an email to: info@westernair.lojoweb.comor, give us a call.