HERS, Energy Star , and Federal Tax Credit

  • Diagnostic Testing and Field Verification
  • Existing Homes and Alterations
  • Residential New Construction
  • Duck Leakage Testing
  • High Quality Insulation Installation (QII)
  • TXV verification
  • AC HP EER/SEER ARI Rating Certification
  • Infiltration
  • Fan watt draw
  • Residential New Construction H.E.R.S. Rating
  • Residential Alterations H.E.R.S. Rating
  • Non-Residential H.E.R.S. Rating
  • BPI Gold Contractor
  • Build-It-Green Energy Analyst
  • PG&E & SMUD Energy Upgrade Programs


Title-24 Energy Compliance Calculations and Documentation

Heating and Cooling Summary Load Calculations