Western Air Systems Certification

Partnering with HVAC Contractors

We provide accurate HERS information, training, technical field, and administrative support for our HVAC Customers, Builders, and Homeowners.

Over 300 Licensed C-20 HVAC Contractors in Northern California work with us!

Western Air Systems Certification provides the right test for each application and does so accurately, extremely cost competitive, and in a timely manner.

We focus on what makes life easier for our HVAC Contractors partners by simplifying the process to comply with regulations based on the 35+ years of experience in the HVAC industry of our founder Ralph Coleman.

Five reasons you can sleep better at night if your certification process is in the hands of Western Air Systems Certification!

As a partner HVAC Contractor, you have the full support of our experienced team including a former HVAC Service Manager, five dedicated CalCERTS & CHEERS HERS Raters, BPI Certified Home Energy Analysts, and two certified H.E.R.S. Administrators.

Western Air Systems Certification is fully insured, for both our protection, and your protection. In addition to general liability, and vehicle insurance, we hold a policy dedicated to professional liability (Error and Omissions), usually carried by law firms, and workman's compensation..

Our vehicles and field staff are easily identified, and both are equipped with state-of-the-art testing and communication technology.

Nothing is complete until the paperwork is completed; and this is where Western Air Systems Certification excels. Document processing is handled by our administrative staff with electronic communication to you culminating in a "worry-free" process for you.

Knowing what to expect from us as your HERS Rating Company makes your life a whole lot easier as a HVAC Contractor. We understand that on rare occasions one or more elements of the HERS testing does not meet requirements.

Once the HERS process is complete, we bill you via our QuickBooks Online program. We accept major credit cards, and there is NO service fee to use your card.

We are able to provide references from both large a small HVAC companies who look to us for our professional services.

Let's get your Project to the finish line!
Join the hundreds of HVAC Contractors and Customers that trusted us with their projects.